Gym Protocols

  • Indoor classes are capped at 10 athletes and outdoor classes are capped at 12. 
  • Workout stations are preset and sanitized prior to use and adhere to social distancing guidelines.
  • Athletes are not allowed to enter the gym or attend class if they are feeling ill,  have a fever or have been exposed to COVID-19. 
  • If an athlete has had any direct or indirect contact with any individual that has COVID-19 they must notify CrossFit SoChac immediately. 
  • Athletes that have recently traveled via airplane or to a high risk area will not be allowed to return to the gym for 7 days from the return date.  They must be symptom free prior to returning and can use the virtual programming during this time.
  • The gym is professionally cleaned and sanitized by a janitorial service each week.
Barbell Floor

Athlete Protocols

  • No bags are allowed in the gym. All extra belongings must remain in the athlete’s car or outside of the gym. 
  • Athletes should only bring in the gear they need and it must remain at their workout station. Chalk must be in a sealed container.
  • All athletes will enter and exit through the bay doors. The front door and lobby will be closed. 
  • Upon entering all athletes are required to sanitize their hands.
  • Athletes are required to stretch and warm up at their workout station. 
  • Bring extra water. Water fountain is temporarily out of use. 
  • After each workout athletes are required to spray and wipe down equipment used. 
  • Only athletes attending class can be in the gym. All others are required to wait outside the gym until their class begins.
  • Athletes must use the Wodify app on their personal phones to reserve class times, check-ins and log scores.

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